Tiffanie B. Powell & Associates, P.C.

  • Continuing Your Path To Prosperity.

    Estate planning is not limited to the sick or disabled - it is an excellent wealth building tool for the living! We employ asset preservation
    strategies, business succession planning and charitable giving to keep your affairs private, minimize tax liability and establish your legacy.

  • A Simplified Approach To Counseling.

    We do what is needed to protect your interests while maintaining a positive relationship with every party involved in the
    negotiation process. We listen carefully, ask relevant questions, and always provide ethical advice you can trust and count on.

  • Relationships Are Key To Effective Collaboration.

    We are connected to vast professional networks with great resources. These relationships help us to
    quickly learn, adapt and complete even the most unusual assignment without any additional cost to you.

  • The Quality You Expect, The Integrity You Deserve.

    We work diligently to provide superior legal services as economically as possible. We deliver work ahead of schedule, promptly return telephone calls, and we
    do not charge for short conversations, emails or text messages. We welcome client feedback and make every effort to accommodate your needs and budget.

  • The Cornerstone Of Our Practice.

    Our litigation experience allows us to confidently handle your matter with ease and flexibility.
    Our professional, solution oriented practice builds trust, reduces your stress and avoids costly mistakes.

  • Strength in Your Time of Need.

    Rest assured that you are never alone. We are here to support your vision, provide clear direction,
    and demystify the legal process. Find comfort in knowing the law is on your side and so are we.

  • Your Business IS Our Business.

    Reading industry publications, reviewing company financials, or even meeting you for coffee to discuss your latest venture is just a start.
    We want to know enough about you and your business to help you seize great opportunities and recognize potential problems before they arise.

  • Innovative Solutions To Maximize Performance.

    In an ever changing world, it is imperative to be forward thinking, solution oriented and innovative in your approach and
    operation. We help you reach your potential while maximizing the time, talent and resources you already possess.


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"From the very first time I spoke with Attorney Powell, I knew I was in capable, trustworthy hands. As a new entrepreneur, I wasn't aware of all the contractual matters I needed to have in place. Tiffanie took the time to explain every detail, gave me possible "what if" scenarios, and even availed herself through multiple communication channels. She not only answered my questions, but she took the time to explain everything to me in layman's terms to ensure that I understood. Tiffanie is not only extremely good at what she does, but she is also a very compassionate person. I advise my clients to contact Tiffanie B. Powell & Associates if they want to experience professionalism at its highest pinnacle."

Paulette J. Barrett, CEO-Founder
I'll Take Care Of It Concierge

"Tiffanie is a bright and shining star who brings both innovative and resourceful expertise to the business world. Her forethought and litigation background is an added benefit in helping me to ask the right questions prior to putting solid workable systems in place. Tiffanie B. Powell & Associates is a blessing and a must-have in my small business. I appreciate having a well-rounded and motivated person that I can trust on my team. Tiffanie's integrity, intelligence and humility are unwavering."

Gidget Taylor, President
The Puvet Company

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Our law firm offers various estate planning and business services to help you protect your assets and establish your legacy. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at (708) 252-3760.

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